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He who earns and do not invest can never be at rest

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Our Approach

Risk Assessment – As a first step we understand the Financial goals of our investor, risk appetite and the life cycle profile to ascertain whether a conservative, moderate or an aggressive investment strategy ought to be deployed.

Asset Allocation – Our Wealth Managers then develop a unique asset -allocation strategy . They formulate a tactical approach for both the long term and the short terrm investmment.

Review our Strategy- As an when Market Fluctuates abnormally in a short term we Scrutnize and suggest new investmment strategies according to the situation

About us

KCC Wealth Management is the wealth management arm of the KCC Group. KCC Wealth Management has gathered unrivalled expertise in providing top notch service delivery along with cutting edge investment planning.

Our Services


Under this service we analyse your current equity or mutual fund portfolio and streamline them with your current financial goals and risk appetite.


This includes us helping you with making an apt portfolio keeping your financial goals in mind. All aspects of financial planning are implemented which includes investing.


KCC Wealth Management assists you with your direct equity investment decisions. We Provide  recommendations of  best performing stocks and help you make informed decisions in order to build a healthy equity portfolio.


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